We (meaning I) only offer carpet cleaning services that I’m sure I can do a superior job in. If I can’t do, I’ll tell you up front and recommend someone who can. Sure I’m losing business by being honest, but I’d be losing my reputation if I underperformed when I said I could offer a superior service. Enough, Dave, of your pontificating and tell us what you offer:

Low Moisture Carpet Cleaning

We’ll come in with portable equipment, do a very thorough prevacuum (even if you said you’ve already done it), prespray great and safe chemicals, agitate the chemicals after waiting a few minutes and then capture the dirt by running a high speed buffer with highly absorbent pad over it. Depending on the size of the home, we’ll use 2-5 pads. the fact is, if I do a great pre-vacuuming job, 80% of the dirt is already in my vacuum bag. That’s according to the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC), the non-profit certifying body for the cleaning and restoration industry. And your carpets will be dry before your mother-in-law is home from her shopping trip to Watters Creek. You may even win a few points for the new look. Don’t count on it though because you were just meeting her expectations.


Nobody wants to be in the living room anymore because that microfiber material is looking kind of, well, dirty. Who knows what was spilled? Fido may have even relieved himself on one of the cushions. Relax. We’ll also do a low moisture cleaning that will restore your furniture to saleable. No one can restore it to new since it’s not new, but you won’t be embarrassed to sit on it anymore. We’ll also do a thorough pre-vacuum, prespray with plant-based detergents, agitate the detergent and use a oscillating pad to absorb that dirt. Give it an hour and you may have your mother-in-law praising you for getting new furniture while she was gone.

Tile and Grout

The grout in between the tiles in your kitchen used to be a light gray but now, ugh, it’s dark. It’s black, but it’s consistently black. You know the truth. That grout is just dirty. You remember fondly when it was all looking great and there wasn’t a spec of dark to be found. You’ve tried scrubbing with commercial brands but still ended up giving up after the first few tiles.

Serving the Following Neighborhoods in Allen:

Avondale, Beacon Hill, Bellegrove, Bethany Creek Estates, Bridgewater Crossing, Brookside, Collin Square, Cottonwood Bend, Cottonwood Crossing, Country Brook Estates, Country Meadow, Cumberland Crossing, Custer Meadows, Fountain Park, Glendover Park, Greengate, Hillside Village, Lost Creek Ranch, Maxwell Creek, Montgomery Farm, Morningside, Oak Ridge, Orchards, Parkside, Quail Run, Raintree Estates, Reid Farm, Saddleridge, Shaddock Park, Shadow Lakes, Silhouette, Spring Meadow, Star Creek, Summerfield, Suncreek, Twin Creeks, Villas of Cottonwood Creek, Waterford Crossing, Waterford Park, Waterford Trails, Watters Crossing, Windridge