North Texas Clean is a husband and wife (and sometimes brother) owner/operator carpet cleaning team in business to meet the carpet cleaning needs of the burgeoning Allen/Plano/McKinney region.

We moved to the region five years ago from Destinations North. I know, didn’t we all do the same at one time or another? Are there truly any native Texans in the area? Lol.

Over the years the science of cleaning carpets has changed considerably as has the equipment to clean them with. It’s gotten much easier to get into the business. With careful study and practice, we’ve come across what we believe is a superior way of getting light to medium soiled carpets cleaned. The greasy, buffet restaurant carpet we’ll just let the big boys handle because their equipment flushes out all the grease 4-5x quicker than we could. Oh, we could get it clean but those greasy kitchens are known for farming their jobs out to the cheapest bidder. It would just take too many resources (pads, chemicals, and time) for us to do it.

Our process is simple: Vacuum the area well, pre-spray eco-friendly cleaning solution onto the areas, scrub it in – if necessary, use a bonnet pad to absorb the chemical and dirt, rake out room to dry quickly.

We believe you should be able to return to your normal life quickly after your carpets are cleaned. There should be no “wicking” – that dark stain left behind about a day or two after the steam cleaners are gone. Plus your children and pets should be able to run around freely in an environment that’s safe. No worries. No fuss.