10 Reasons to Clean Your Carpet Regularly

You know you have to do it but you really don’t want to dish out a couple hundred bucks to make it happen. You know what I’m talking about: getting those carpets of your cleaned.

Oh sure, you could probably go to Kroger or Tom Thumb or Wally World to plop down your money, buy their special formula for the Rug Doctor they want to rent you, haul it home, figure out how to use it properly, and then worry if the last person who used it has left all kinds of germs and gunk behind on the equipment.

Eww. That’s potentially nasty, isn’t it?

The alternative is to call some random guy in the area to have him come over and do it for you. And look, he’s having a super duper special, all carpets cleaned for $25, such a deal. But you and I both know that those deals are too good to be true because you’ll still fork over a couple hundred in upsells because the technician is also a trained salesman.

Let me give you a few good reasons why you probably should fork over money the right way so you won’t be frustrated and feel taken.

  1. Getting your carpets cleaned regularly extends the life of the carpet. You are still reeling over the fact that it cost you several thousand to get it all installed. Having a professional come in at least once a year is just the right thing to extend the life. Perhaps you could extend it so far that you could sell your home before you have to replace the carpets. It could happen, you know.
  2. If you vacuum your carpet regularly and methodically, you may also extend its life. It’s not the thing that carpet cleaning companies are going to broadcast but if they are trained and certified, then they know that 82% of the dirt in your carpet can be cleaned up with a dry vacuum. Read that again and let it set in. That’s not me saying it but the Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC), the organization that sets the standards for the industry. But there is a right way and wrong way to vacuum to get it right.
  3. Your carpets want to be cleaned. No, they don’t cry out to you in the dark, but you can tell when they want to be cleaned. Ignore them enough and they’ll disown you.
  4. Visitors will notice either way. Whether consciously or subconsciously we look for things like this. Does the carpeting need a bit refreshening or does it seem like it’s brand new? Now many reading this may not care what your visitors think, and that’s fine. But they do notice it. And so do you when you go to their place.
  5. Let the Pros handle it. You may think the job is easy enough until you begin taking steps to get it done. The pros have the equipment, time, tools, and resources to make it happen easily. It’s what they do. And some are now beginning to offer the very low moisture methods of cleaning that will have your carpets dry in under two hours, usually a lot less. This obviously goes back to the introduction. No one is saying you can’t clean your own carpets, we’re suggesting you may not like it. In fact, do it once by yourself and you’ll probably be convinced that hiring a professional is the way to go in the future.
  6. The longer you wait, the dirtier it becomes. The dirt doesn’t show up overnight, but the neglect of cleaning your carpets will eventually show up. I liken it to when I was living in Alaska. Up there, we gained or lost six minutes a day depending on whether we were heading towards summer or winter. You didn’t notice six minutes a day but if you go away for three months, you are sure to notice three full hours of light change. Two full months gone and that’s six hours of change. No, I didn’t notice it by the day but the accumulative effect was enormous. So it is with dirt in your carpet.
  7. It just feels good to have fresh, clean carpet. You can’t put a price on that feeling but it exists. Your entire family feels it because they know you’ve spent some money on their well-being. You like the way it feels. It’s just the right thing to do.
  8. In the age of COVID and all the regulations and requirements for businesses, it just makes sense to keep your carpets cleaned and refreshed. Who knows what lurks beneath the subsurface. Not all cleaning will sanitize or disinfect but getting it clean is but one step away from having them sanitize or disinfect. Again, your family’s health is potentially at stake.
  9. You might even find that you like to clean carpets. Hey, stranger things have happened before. To those who’ve never experienced it, cleaning carpets is therapeutic, relaxing, soothing. Let me share a story. During my single days, I took out the trash for a large condo building (33 floors) in Chicago. Every day I pushed that grungy large dumpster outside to exchange it for an empty can. I’d rod drains and toilets. I’d vacuum and shampoo carpets. Clogged to running smoothly. Filthy to clean. Yes, we had to do it all over again the next day (or sooner) but there was satisfaction in that cleanliness. There was happiness in an unclogged drain. It may happen to you if you decide to clean your own floors. Then you do the research, and voila! a new career is born. Sure, more competition for us, but there’s plenty of business to be had from someone who loves the profession. We’re not worried.

So, rather than belaboring the point, you really should consider hiring a professional to have your carpets cleaned. In the long run, you’ll benefit and have a healthier life.

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